1.0 Who can avail loan assistance?

1.1 The family of student availing loan assistance should have been residing in larger Ahmedabad for at least one year and the family should be a member of member sangh of Shri Mahavir Charitable Trust. A certificate from Sangh is required for it.
1.2 Combined annual income of earning members of a family having meal in a common kitchen should be less than Rs. 11,00,000/-.
1.3 A student availing a loan should be studying in full-time course in a collage in an affiliated college of any approved university in India.
1.4 Loan is given to a student availing a loan against the proof of secured admission in any course based on clause 1.3.

2.0 What is the loan amount and how to avail it?

2.1 For a loan assistance, fill up the form prescribed by Shri Mahavir Charitable Trust and fill the complete details sought in the formand send it to the trust with the certificates mentioned in the form. The form can be downloaded from this website.
2.2 Loan assistance is given regularly every year for the entire duration of the respective course. Astudent needs to pay the fees on his own and amount of fees for the study is given against the receipt of fees at a time mentioned in the application form. An amount up to Rs. 2,00,000/- annually is given fully and in case if it is higher, 50% of additional amount is given subject to maximum of Rs. 4,00,000/-.
2.3 For a student, it is extremely essential to pass the semester/annual exam taken by the university. Next year fee is given upon submitting mark sheet of earlier year having passed the examination and the receipt of fees of next year.
2.4 A family of the student needs to give a guarantee letter as per the text included in the application form, from any person from Sthanakvasi Jain Samaj who is a member of any one Sangh as mentioned above.

3.0 How to repay the loan assistance?

3.1 6 months is given to the student to gain stability after the completion of the study. After 6 months of securing a job, the student has to give advance cheques of installments for complete amount of loan taken by him as per the mutual understanding between the trust and the student.

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